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Your questions answered

Please find detailed below our most frequently asked questions* along with our answers – just click on the question for your answer.

*questions – if you don’t see your question listed here or need further information please contact us and we will be sure to answer.

Qu.1 What is Gripping Stuff made of?

Polyester felt and low-tack water-based adhesives.

Qu.2 To what surfaces will Gripping Stuff stick?

Painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard*.

*Ensure wall surface is sound before use.

Qu.3 Can I use Gripping Stuff products on fresh paint?

Paint should be fully cured (check paint can for manufacturer’s cure time) before using Gripping Stuff Products. We recommend waiting a week before use on fresh paint. Always test first.

Qu.4 Can I use Gripping Stuff products on wallpaper?

Yes but do not put over joins or loose wallpaper.

Qu.5 Can I use Gripping Stuff products on glass windows?

It is okay to use Gripping Stuff Products if the glass is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Qu.6 Can I use Gripping Stuff products outside in cold climates?

For indoor use only.

Qu.7 Is Gripping Stuff safe to use with young children?

Yes. It carries the EN71 classification including the ASTM D4236 standards, which means that it can be used safely in Nurseries, Kindergartens, the home. It contains no harmful chemicals. The adhesive is water-based.

Qu.8 How do I remove Gripping Stuff?

Peel off gently – any residue remove with dry lint-free cloth.

Qu.9 How long does it last?

If not exposed too much to the air/dust, then indefinitely- otherwise 1 year.

Qu.10 What materials does it stick to?

Paper, card, laminated paper.

Qu.11 How does it stick without damaging walls??

It is a low-tack water-based adhesive on polyester felt- the felt is porous – so does not create a vacuum.

Qu.12 What pen can I use on dry-wipe boards?

Any dry-wipe/ dry-erase pen.

Qu.13 What can I use to wipe off the dry marker pen?

A dry cloth.

Qu.14 Can the rolls of Gripping Stuff be rolled back up?

Yes- but wrap them in plastic first so it doesn’t get dusty.

Qu.15 Is it recyclable?

No, but it has the EN71 child safe rating – so there are no special measures for disposal.

Qu.16 Who uses Gripping Stuff?

Consultants, designers, offices, training companies, schools – good for tradeshows, displays and in the home.

Qu.17 Where can I buy Gripping Stuff products?

From our online store and in the following retail stores: