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10 Reasons Why Gripping Stuff is Perfect for Students

Student Notice Boards No Pins

Written by: Team Gripping Stuff

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August 23, 2017

It may feel like Summer has just started but whether you’re off to University or Back to School this September it’s good to be prepared. Gripping Stuff’s revolutionary range of boards and tapes will change your life (…or make it a bit easier at least!), here’s why:

Gripping Stuff won’t leave marks on your walls, which will save you money on your deposit – no redecoration costs!

  1. You can stick your revision notes to it
  2. Stick your treasured family photos to it
  3. Stick your favourite poster up
  4. Put your own stamp on your room by creating a cool photo wall collage (like the one above!)
  5. Gripping Stuff Dry-Wipe boards are great for your house shopping lists
  6. Frame your photos in seconds with our Self-Stick Photo Frames
  7. Roll-up and re-use your notice board again for when you move house
  8. Keep track of exam deadlines with our Dry-Wipe Monthly Planner
  9. No need to buy pins, blu-tack or tape or find a space to hang your traditional cork pin-board…Gripping Stuff can be stuck almost anywhere!

Gripping Stuff notice Board No More Pins

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