Gripping Stuff has always been used in the classroom to display students’ wonderful work without the need for damaging walls with a staple gun, pins or blu-tack! But it can also be used in other unique ways to aid learning, due to its removable and re-usable qualities.

Positive Eye is a leading provider of educational consultancy and training for professionals working with children with special educational needs and vision impairment. Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye got in touch with us earlier this year to share the unique ways she uses Gripping Stuff and we’ve been meaning to share some of her ideas with you!

Hosting Make and Take days for teaching assistants, Gwyn makes some great learning resources for teachers to take away with them. Here is an example of some of the things she models with the help of Gripping Stuff Poster Tape and Memo Boards:

Emotion faces stuck on with Gripping Stuff – Children & Teachers can remove these faces easily and cleanly, but also importantly, the faces will stay put and not fly away.

Positive Eye Positive Eye 1

Maths learning – a removable interactive number line.

Positive Eye 4

And word bars for sentence building – Simply press-on and peel-off words and pictures with no mess, no fuss!

Positive Eye 3

Positive Eye 5

Thank you so much Gwyn for sharing, and we are glad that Gripping Stuff can help with your great work.

All Gripping Stuff!® products are made with a water-based adhesive and carry the EN71 classification, making them safe for children.

If you want to share any other unique uses of Gripping Stuff, we’d love to hear from you! Please email